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Toronto: Within Canada’s Largest City Comes Great Fashion Design Schools

Toronto is often mistaken as Canada’s capital maybe because this capital city of Ontario has the largest population in the entire country. The city prides of a theater scene that can compete against those of New York and London.

Moreover, the city houses the Royal Ontario Museum, which is the largest in the country and its skyline also boasts of CN Tower, the world’s tallest structure. If housing the tallest and large structures is not enough, how about the city serving as hosts to topnotch American filmmakers? Toronto serves as venues of the Neilson Park Creative Center and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

As an additional benefit, you will realize that the city is bustling with action as most popular attractions are within walking distance. In other words, a short stride will bring you to the waterfront, thousands of hotels, sports venues, along with restaurants that serve fine cuisines, to name a few. Thus, it suffices to say that the city is one heck of a cultural center.

These things show that the city, indeed, support and celebrate the arts, which in turn provide inspiration for the creative mids.

And while referring to arts, it is inevitable that the fashion industry takes a spotlight. Arts and fashion are closely related because of the one concept and that is design. If you are creative, love the arts, and appreciate the dynamism of culture, Toronto’s fashion schools can provide you with the training for the exciting career in designing and the arts.

Why Toronto is a great place for fashion design students?

The Neilson Park Center serves as a haven to the Rugcarfters of Etobicoke, the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinning Guild for anyone interested in textiles, especially fashion design students.

Aside from this cultural venue, there is an array of opportunities for fashion designers who do not become famous. With artistic talent and creativity, fashion designers can work in a fashion illustration or textile design, work for a garment manufacturer, or get into advertising or even retail purchasing. For business-minded individuals, they can blend their skills in fashion design with courses in business to prepare for a career in management, say fashion wholesale or retail.

The competition among retailers make the city an affordable place to shop, and this fact can be considered as a bonus for starting fashion designers. Also, designers can work their creative minds on designing labels and bottles for rums aside from apparels. This works in Toronto, too.

Now, if you have been dreaming or are already convinced of going to a fashion school in Toronto, you can make it into a reality. Check out a couple of fashion schools in Toronto that provide courses in marketing, fashion design, and merchandising:

1. International Academy of Design and Technology
The school has campuses in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Orlando. They provide program areas and a variety of degree levels designed to fit your unique career track. In detail, they offer:
• Diploma in Fashion Design
• Diploma in Merchandising and Fashion Marketing

2. Art Institute of Toronto

The school focuses on the business and creative aspects of the fashion design industry. The institute also promises that career support shall be available after finishing programs in:
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Merchandising/Marketing

The city is large so you can survey more schools. Your guts and your dreams are all that you need to do to hone your creative self in this thriving city.

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Online Privacy Scares

A tweet in the morning to share a link.
A few photos on Facebook after a
holiday. A snap on Instagram to show
off a particularly tasty lunch. We broadcast
the little details of our lives online without a
second thought – but should we really be
so cavalier?

Sharing information online can carry
numerous risks. Mention the fact that it’s
your 40th birthday and the whole world now
knows your date of birth – and that could be
enough to enable a hacker to impersonate
you online. A holiday snap could reveal to
burglars that you’re away from home, and a
poorly worded status update could cost you
your job.
Such dire consequences may seem
unlikely, but they’ve all happened to real
people. In this feature, we’ll show you how
to avoid becoming the next victim. We’ll look
at the risks of oversharing online, and see
how you can audit and clean up the data
that’s already out there. We’ll also guide you
through Facebook’s privacy settings – so you
can ensure that, in the future, your personal
data stays personal.

We all have moments when we blurt out
the wrong thing in front of people; now
imagine doing it in writing, for everyone
to see. Facebook, Twitter and other social
media hangouts make that very easy to do,
and although most of us experience nothing
more than a few mocking responses when
our judgement momentarily fails us, some
have suffered far harsher consequences. For
example, pity the staff at a major hospital,
who in a moment of boredom jokingly posted
photos online of themselves lying down on
the job – they were promptly suspended.
Or a waitress from North
Carolina, who lost her job after posting
complaints online about poor tips.
With such examples to learn from, why
do so many of us share as much as we do?
The online world doesn’t seem real enough for us to
appreciate the dangers. “The lesson we’ve
learned, as we’ve watched privacy become
an issue on social media, is that people
really don’t understand the impact of what
can happen from sharing something – until
they have some personal experience of the
consequences,” she said.
Indeed, we’re actually wired to share. A
2012 study by Diana Tamir and Jason Mitchell
of Harvard University found that sharing
personal thoughts triggers the release of
dopamine, meaning your brain rewards you
for doing it. So, the
phenomenon isn’t a new development at all:
“Online technology just made it possible for
us to share with more people over a greater
distance than they could before,” she said.
“We want to make social connections with
people and feel validated, and this is just one
way of doing that.”

While sharing is a natural instinct, social
media makes it easy to share more widely
than we actually intend. “Certainly there are
some cases of people who are naive, thinking
that their post won’t be shared,”  “Or, it’s technically unclear what can
That’s no accident: shared information is
the lifeblood of social media sites. Facebook
in particular makes you feel as though a
small number of people are seeing your
posts, when in fact many more may catch
sight of them – even if you’ve limited your
posts to friends.

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